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Manage placements and forecast outcomes.

iignite® is designed specifically for Jobactive and DES providers - to make YOUR job easier, to make YOUR outcomes better and to make YOUR organisation a STAR.

Forget about multiple spreadsheets, word documents and organisers, iignite® put everything you need in one place. Routine administrative and compliance tasks are automated so more time can be spent focusing on the big picture.

We deliver efficiency so you can delivery results.


Employment Services made easy

Employment Fund, purchase orders & approvals process

Our purchase order system will dramatically reduce the time spent in this key area. Purchase orders can be escalated within the organisation via an approvals process dependent on the expenditure amount and the authority level of the employment consultant making the request. Manage Department of Employment contractual requirements. Stay audit ready by keeping track of all Employment Fund evidence. No revenue leakage and receive Employment Fund recoveries quickly.

Reverse marketing, timesheets & invoice creation for drawdowns

It is simple to create your billings, invoices and timesheets for reverse marketing tasks. these invoices can be used against your Employment Fund drawdowns, thus ensuring compliance and reimbursement. Provides input to your accounting systems.

Automated file notes, increase quality & compliance

Automate the production of pre-populated documents, files notes and forms in accordance with your service delivery model Reduce your organisations exposure to non-compliance during site visits and 3rd party audits. Logging of evidence with date and time stamps as well as 2 Dimension bar codes containing document authenticity details.


Maximize your productivity and compliance

Customised, automated workflows

iignite® makes workflow management a breeze. You can quickly and easily tailor processes to exactly follow your service delivery model and ensure consistent delivery across your organisation. The automation and escalation of tasks will reduce unnecessary manual administration. Now, you can stop manually managing KPI's, contract compliance and expenditure approvals and have the iignite® dashboards and notifications automate these tasks for you.

Prevent job fallover and claim loss

Stay informed and receive automated time-sensitive notifications about your clients task due dates. Escalation of notifications to various department heads within your organisation ensures that nothing falls through the cracks and PPS is conducted within the required time frames. Your consultants and team leaders receive key performance indicators daily via email and desktop alerts, to ensure everyone is focused on the right priorities.

Documentary evidence integrity

iignite® allows you to track all critical documents and forms by including date and time stamps within the documentary evidence along with a 2D bar code that contains details about the job seeker, consultant, printed date and time and more. This is considered particularly helpful in supervising visits and departmental performance integrity monitoring exercises.

Site manager view of tasks and reassignment made easy

iignite® provides information and alerts to all staff when they need it. You can increase productivity by focusing on exceptions thanks to our dashboards. A user’s list of tasks and messages shows up in their message centre. Site managers have the ability to reassign their team's tasks using simple drag and drop functionality. Tasks can also be exported to common formats like Excel for more in-depth analysis and reporting.

Proactive management of placements

iignite® allows you to build powerful documents and forms tailors to your organisation needs. All placement documents and forms can be assigned an approvals process and have this notification escalated to the approving team or manager.

Enterprise compliance and performance

Designed to comply and fulfil Department of Employment and Department of Social Security contractual requirements such as Employment Fund expenditure, Post Placement Support and File Audits. Your workflows can easily be implemented to support compliance, eliminating errors and duplication. Our dashboards provide visibility of your tasks and processes.

Internal Audit trails, quickly find the information you need

Automated tracking of all activities related to a client and your peoples interactions. Make your internal auditing easier knowing who did what and when. All interactions and changes made are logged automatically.

Privacy legislation requirements

Our cloud based system give you peace of mind and reduces the need for a disaster recover plan in the event of files being destroyed, lost or stolen. iignite® mitigates risk by offering the ability to store your clients records in a secure online portal. We exceed the Australian privacy and data protection legislation requirements.

Mobile device and tablet friendly

iignite® is securely accessible from any web device. It is compliant with all major internet browsers and Microsoft Office applications. this means your people can always work location free - easily updating client file notes and billings from any office.


Benefit from the highest information security standards

Security, backups and 24x7 monitoring

With iignite®, your data is always secure. Every organisation has its own private database and document repository where data is encrypted and continuously backed up using the highest standards commercially available. We own infrastructure in Australian data centres and provide our clients with expected availability of 99.99%.

ISO 27001 security management standard

Our ISO 27001 certification confirms our continuous commitment to the security of our services to all our clients. The certification process assesses that we are addressing each element of the ISO standard and that our information security management practices meet internationally-recognized best practices.

IRAP accredited ICT provider to government

The Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) enables Australian government customers to validate that appropriate controls are in place to address the information securityrequirements of the Department of Employment as well as the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD). This accreditation ensure that our security management practices meet the highest standards.


Customer service, a priority

Helpdesk, customer support and user training

Here are iignite®,we are always at your service. We will work with you to understand your business and advise you how to configure your system and personalise iignite® to best meet your needs. You'll be up and running quickly! We are dedicated to provide ongoing support through an online knowledgebase, video tutorials and telephone helpdesk.

Continual innovation through industry interaction

We never stop innovating and trying to serve you better. We are agile in producing software releases which are largely made up of ideas that our clients have shared with us. We invite all of our clients to participate in our user groups so we can continue to develop our world class Employment Service and Disability Employment Service management platform whilst meeting the industry reporting and compliance needs.

Data migration made easy

If you have a legacy system and need your historical data migrated into iignite®, we can help. We have migration scripts for many legacy databases or we can easily create a bespoke solution for you. This is just another way we try to make your job easier.

Start using iignite® today, start seeing results!

  • Designed to comply and fulfil Department of Employment and Department of Social Security contractual requirements.
  • Reduce your administration burden and increase productivity, accuracy and outcomes.
  • You tailor your workflows to fit with your organisation's service delivery model.
  • Automated tasks reduce error, saving you time and improving your compliance.
  • Your organisation can work securely and location free.
  • Get secure access and data storage with data encryption and 24x7 monitoring.
  • Stay audit ready by keeping track of all Employment Fund evidence.
  • Easy-to-use system, is great for a diverse workforce; staff will pick it up quickly.
  • Responsive support and training provided in person and online.

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